testimonies and reviews

Crystal McDaniel - parent

"After praying and traveling

back and forth to NYC with our daughter Adora Danae; spending hundreds of dollars, The lord led us to our leading lady Mahogany Reynolds. She started out just singing, now with the tutelage of JBY, Adora has been vocally trained and

taught the art of music. Ms. Mahogany is so caring and personable with Adora. She teaches her how to work behind the scenes and also how to embrace her ethnicity in the world of entertainment. I

thank God for allowing our paths to cross."

Monique Jefferson - sponsor

"Mahogany has consistently proven herself to be a passionate, creative and dedicated professional. She is a person who leads by example. Mahogany is a role model who has high standards and drives for excellence in everything she does. Anyone that has worked with Mahogany is inspired by her work ethic, determination and motivation. She puts those skills to use by way of volunteering in her community for various civic organizations. Mahogany is always thoughtful, organized, and thorough."

Arthur Gregory Pugh - actor- co-producer 2018 Just Be You Film Festival

"I can say that I have never come across anyone in all my years on this earth more business-savvy than Mahogany. We have

worked alongside each other on some projects and I have had the honor of co-producing some of her entrepreneurial events, and believe me when I proclaim Mahogany is a walking blueprint. A social media maven when it comes to marketing and promotion, her attention to detail could rival Madison Avenue. She has the skills to bring individuals together, rally them for a cause, and motivate them to excellence."

Jill Ross - filmmaker

"The 2019 Just Be You Performing Arts Fest was held at the Rahway Public Library. It's centrally located and easily accessible. The event was well attended and enjoyable. In addition to the films, there were awards, snacks and live entertainment. Good time had by all.  I’m honored to be a finalist; and an award winner, in the Just Be You Performing Arts Youth Film Festival."

Rosalyn Smith - sponsor - Chairperson Rahway Local Organization Committee

"We are thankful to Mahogany Reynolds for doing an excellent job conducting a wonderful series of workshops for the teens in our 12th annual Rites of Passage Ceremony. Her ability to connect with the youth and help them open up and express themselves creatively is a true blessing. We enjoyed her workshops."

Kaydee Barnett - parent

"Mahogany Reynolds saturates every individual and community with kindness, spirituality and deeply-rooted desire for progressive success to all she teaches. I have been in awe of her Just Be You program which is the unmatched ultimate showcase for receiving, cultivating, nurturing and showcasing amazing new, upcoming and underexposed talents of all crafts. As a professional fan, I

fully and loyally endorse and support her, and as one of her coaching students' parents, I cannot find enough words to exalt the magnitude of greatness she injects into our communities."


CJ Thompson - Just Be You Film Festival Teen Co-Host and a JBY student

 “This is amazing! Thank you for making kids’ dreams come true. I’m so glad to be one of those kids! I’m so happy to be a part of the Just Be You Film Festival.” 

Amelia Alfiero - Just Be You Film Festival Teen Co-Host

“The Just Be You Film Festival will be a new experience for me. I love learning and being part of new things. I think kids will learn about new and different career paths they might not have been aware of before. I feel this festival is important because it thoroughly involves kids and is for kids. This festival gives kids a chance to have a voice in the local entertainment world."

Christopher Cullen - Film/TV Teacher Middletown High School New Jeresey

“I am very excited for my students having three films in this year's festival.  Last year I went to the festival and saw so much talent and had a wonderful time. I can not wait to come to this year's screenings and represent my students and Middletown North High School.  I will be going into my third year as the TV/Film teacher and I hope we can continue our success.” 

Mr. & Mrs. Jo Kobus - event guests JBY Comedy show

“We want to say, how kind Mahogany was to answer all of our emails efficiently! I also want to say, thank you so much for allowing seniors to have a good discount. This was a wonderful, wonderful evening. It was worth the 80 miles we drove! 

Pierre Vega - stand-up comic

"I've performed for a Just Be You Performing Arts comedy showcase in the past and this production team puts on a great and fun show. I had a blast working with Mahogany and all the other comics on that line-up.” 

MayaJean - indie nusic group

"As artists, we're deeply dedicated to supporting feminist movements and issues of women's empowerment. When we came across such a lively festival championing women in the arts, we knew we had to be a part of it! It was so great to be invited into a community of strong, talented women!"

testimonies and reviews

Jessica Robles - filmmaker

“At first, I was both delighted and shocked. After the initial shock wore off, I am happy, honored and humbled to have been nominated as a finalist for the Just Be You Performing Arts Film & Theater Festival. It's a recognition of the hard work I've done so far and is evidence that there is interest in compelling, true stories, especially when those stories are about women, told by women." 

Zakiyyah Clark-Green - sponsor

“I decided to be a sponsor because I believe the arts are the heartbeat to our culture. I stand by the mission of Just Be You and wanted to be a blessing to the children in the community,” 

Dupre "DoItAll" Kelly - guest of honor & sponsor 2018 Just Be You Film Festival

“The festival and I share one of the same vision; and that is to make a greater investment into our youth, and this program does that by giving young people information that will propel them in the visual performing arts industry.” 

BellaStar - guest performer during the 2018 Just Be You Film Festival

“I’m so excited to be a part of the Just Be You Festival. I love performing and can’t wait to share my singing and dancing with the audience. They’ll be in for a real treat,” 

Keith Correy - stand-up comic

“I'm coming for a great experience and to bring laughter to Rahway. The show has grown so much! Mahogany has brought great entertainment to Rahway!” 

Shari Linick - stand-up comic

“This show is fun, It's unique. Everyone just seems to get along; as if we've known each other forever, so there is that instant bond. 

Reviews and Testimonies

Brandon Perrone - stand-up comic

“I am attracted to positivity and Just Be You Performing Arts is radiating with it."

Marek Stoklosa - filmmaker

 "This is a great festival created by people with passion. I'm happy that my film was part of it. Thank you for the prize. I will definitely participate in subsequent editions. Great communication." 

Vernita Bostick - stand-up comic

“I thank Just Be You Performing Arts for asking me to headline. I had a great time! I think the audience did too! I look forward to more shows with them in the future.”  

CJ Thompson - attendee 2019 Just Be You Film Festival

"I just want to say that the JBY Festival has encouraged me to work harder and push through problems, that I may encounter on my way to success. And to remember to 'just be you'. Thank you!"

Andrew Barrow - stand-up comic

"What I loved most [about JBY's comedy shows] was the diversity. The demographic wasn’t niche either. Everyone laughed and had a GREAT time and it was awesome to see all people of ALL ages and races laugh together."

Adora Danae - JBY's 1st signed artist under JBY Management

"My goal is to be a household name and to encourage people with my music. Thank you Ms. Mahogany for everything you've done to help me. I've learned a lot about the industry. And,  I'm excited about the future."