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Rosalyn Smith Rahway LOC


Rosalyn Smith (photographed here with Mahogany Reynolds) is the Chairperson for the Rahway Local Organizing Committee (aka Rahway LOC), a non-profit organization in Rahway, New Jersey, that provides enriching and educational programs for youth in the city of Rahway. She oversees the Rahway LOC Annual Rites of Passage Program; a marvelous and empowering  program designed for African-American youth. Rosalyn Smith is a mentor and a volunteer with a big heart for children. She booked Mahogany Reynolds to conduct a 5-week workshop for the 30 teens in the program and to produce a performance for the 12th Annual Rahway LOC Rites of Passage Ceremony in New Jersey.

The Jefferson Family


Danielle and Camille Jefferson are sisters in the 8th and 5th grade respectively; of Brooklyn, New York.  They both attend the Alvin Ailey junior division school and have been dancing since the age of 2. They also enjoy art and have had pieces displayed in the Guggenheim museum. They also run competitive youth track & field and are champions. In addition to Danielle learning piano and Camille violin. Their support of other kids in the arts is very encouraging. They are the daughters of Robert & Monique Jefferson who are both active in their community.

New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce Foundation


The mission of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation (NJCCF) is to support current and future members of the workforce in becoming globally competitive, successful members of society and fuel New Jersey’s economy by sustaining a qualified workforce. NJCCF offered Just Be You Performing Arts a partnership to match them with student to fill internships for the Just Be You Film Festival. The mission of the NJCCF is to support current and future members of the workforce in becoming globally competitive, successful members of society and fuel New Jersey’s economy by sustaining a qualified workforce. 



FilmFreeway is the primary platform used by the Just Be You Performing Arts Youth Film Festival.  Over 8,000 of the world’s best film festivals and contests, including the Just Be You Film Festival, use FilmFreeway to reach over 900,000 filmmakers and artists worldwide.  Thanks to their sponsorship our festival has extended its reach all around the globe. FilmFreeway makes it easy and productive to organize the hundreds of films we receive and to market and promote our festival to reach the highest impact and helps us maintain the high integrity of the festival.



Just Be You Performing Arts uses Backstage as its primary resource to scout talent and network within the entertainment industry. Since 1960, Backstage has served as the #1 resource for actors and performers to find high-quality roles to match their interests and career goals. Unlimited submissions, best-in-class casting tools, and more performance roles than any other casting service. Performing artist use Backstage.com to showcase their talent and get scouted by casting directors. Directors use Backstage.com to explore thousands of casting notices every day and find the perfect roles to advance your career. Mahogany Reynolds has benefited greatly from being a member of Backstage for over 20 years. She was featured and interviewed for Backstage Who Got the Part, in the formative years of her career as an actress in New York City.

Arthur Gregory Pugh


Arthur Gregory Pugh is an established theater, film, and voice over actor, with several strong productions to his credit. Arthur recently did a run with a production of Shakespeare plays in the park and will be a key character in the historical "Death of a Salesman" in the fall of 2019 in New Jersey. He launched his career as a voice-over talent booking work for a variety of brands and productions. Ultimately, he transitioned to being in front of the camera and on the stage. Arthur has shared the stage several times with, Mahogany Reynolds, and she views him as a strong character actor. Since then, he's held major roles in several web series, stage plays in New York City and throughout New Jersey, as well as, many independent films. In 2018, Arthur served as the Just Be You Performing Arts Youth Film Festival's co-producer. He was very instrumental in the success of the festival's first season. This year, he serves as the festival's key supporter and a consultant. To learn more about Arthur Gregory Pugh or to book him for your next production visit his website and subscribe to his blog:  https://www.arthurgregorypugh.biz 


Kaydee Barnett


Kaydee Barnett is a key supporter and the primary radio station for the Just Be You Performing Arts Youth Film Festival. Kaydee is the bold and outspoken host and producer of the nationally syndicated blog radio talk show "On The Edge Show w/ Kaydee Barnett". With over 50,000 listeners world-wide, she tackles tough topics that impact the African-American community and the world at large. Kaydee is a devoted mother and community activist. Her son, CJ Thompson, a student of Just Be You Performing Arts, is serving as a teen co-host for the 2nd Annual Just Be You Performing Arts Youth Film Festival. To call in and join the conversation and enjoy the powerful topics discussed on "On The Edge Show w/ Kaydee Barnett" visit her website:  https://kaydeelyssa.wixsite.com/on-the-edge/kaydee-barnett  

PeaceMaker Photography & Graphic Design


PeaceMaker Photography & Graphic Design is an innovative, customer focused, full service, photography, videography, and graphic design service. Dale Clarke, Founder/CEO, oversees all aspects of this innovative design firm, that specializes in eye-catching and artistically creative marketing and promotional flyers, posters, book covers, logos, product labels, and more. PeaceMaker Photography & Graphic Design serves as the primary designer of all print marketing and promotional materials for Just Be You Performing Arts and the Just Be You Performing Arts Youth Film Festival. Dale, a former print model and commercial actor, is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer; with over 20 plus year's professional experience. Dale has photographed legendary performing artists such as, Janet Jackson, Usher, LL Cool J, Method Man & Red Man, and many others, live on stage and back stage during concerts. He has a unique and strong point of view as a photographer and a keen attention to detail with is unique body of work. Dale is the creative genius behind the Just Be You Performing Arts logo design, flyers for their various productions, and he created their most recent highlight commercials, promoting the Just Be You Film Festival. Hire Dale Clarke for your next creative project: book cover, video editing, logo design, or to shoot a production. Dale also photographs and edits actor head shots and model portfolio photos, and creates actor, comedian, singer, model, or dancer demos. He also photographs: wedding ceremonies, birthdays, celebrations, and special events, both large and small. Email him at: peacemaker.pgd@gmail.com


Beauty In Spirit, Inc.


211 Community Impact


Danielle & Camille Jefferson


UTAP Productions


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