Ms. Mahogany with her amazing Just Be You Kids in 2015

About the Seminar


The Just Be You Seminar Series will be empowering, affirming, and life-changing, for young people in the performing arts industry; and, for kids in general. Topics will include confidence, self-care, public speaking, proper branding, and how to excel without comprising who you are. The seminars will include interactive and inspiring games plus a Q&A talk-back session focusing on topics that effect today’s youth. Kids will also participate in a life-affirming exercise called "The Who Am I Monologues".


Seminar Host


Produced and hosted by award-winning actress, professional coach, youth mentor, director, producer, writer, and talk show host, Mahogany Reynolds.  She will also host a live streaming episode of her new online talk show “The Take with Mahogany Reynolds” during the seminar. In addition to running a growing business, Mahogany Reynolds provides one-on-one affordable coaching and mentoring to young performing artists from ages 5 to 18 year’s-old. She has several students across the United States and internationally.  Throughout the year, Mahogany host workshops for kids, to give them the tools to not only succeed in the performing arts, but in life. 


Just Be You Success Story

Founded in 2014 in the living room of it’s founder/executive Director, Mahogany Reynolds, the mission of Just Be You Performing Arts is to give young artists the business tools, technique skills, and spiritual guidance, to excel in the entertainment industry. Since it’s inception, Just Be You Performing Arts has gone global due to the success of their youth film festival. The organization continues to expand it's brand with over 20 successful productions under its belt, such as stand-up comedy shows, runway fashion shows, talent showcases, original stage plays and musicals.